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With a current surge towards mobile browsing and cool new design options like parallax scrolling, the web has seen a great many websites get facelifts in the course of recent years. It has likewise prompted a great deal of poor website design choices that keep customers from completely connecting with brands. From unattractive landing pages to weak content, poor navigation, and a number of errors, there are various things that an average website can enhance. A website should be everything that shows visitors where to go and indeed how to get there. If users struggle finding what they are looking for on your website, they will leave.

So, here we have created a list of web design mistakes that you should certainly avoid.

  • Poor Navigation

Visitors on your website expect to find horizontal navigation across the top or vertical navigation down the left side. Also, your website should have consistent navigation for each iteration of a menu, across devices and regardless of what page you are on. Submenus may change from page to page but the primary navigation or controls should be set as on the home page. This is important because if navigation changes around the site it looks disoriented and the potential customer would simply leave and find your competitor to buy the product or service. The best way is to follow an F-patterned navigation and follow the same throughout.

  • Too many Options

You might have come across many websites with many links on the navigation menu. This is a terrible thing to do as it will take longer for visitors to make a choice than if only fewer options are provided. The fewer choices someone can make, the quicker they can evaluate those choices and then make a decision. Overloading the primary navigation menu for immediate access can actually end up backfiring. Instead of allowing visitors to easily see what pages are available, they will become overwhelmed and not able to take a quick decision as to what to do next. Here is an example with great navigation Just four items starting with the home page, the most second and third services and ending with a contact link. The business as the name suggests sells and installs security alarm systems, monitoring systems, intercom and access control systems and TSCM and bug sweeping systems in Melbourne and surrounding areas. You can easily navigate through their website to find all the relevant information you need on Melbourne security alarm systems and other systems they sell.

  • Lacking CTAs

Call to actions or CTAs are important as they help your customers to conveniently purchase products or services and is a simple way of encouraging conversion. Additionally, CTAs provide focus to your site, way to measure the success of your site and provide direction for the users. However, being said that, how then you create an effective call to action? Use content that describes the value of your products or services along with a compelling phrase that prompts action. Also, you need to keep your call to action simple and succinct which tells the user exactly what to do. Strong CTAs include get quotes now, add to cart, get started, sign up now or contact us today.

Website design mistakes are expensive and avoidable. So, ensure that you avoid the above-mentioned mistakes when building a website for your security business.