The very fact that you are reading this piece now proves that you are well conversant with searching the Internet and bringing its many benefits to your advantage. However, do you really know how search engines work? By knowing about it you can enrich your online experience further and get to what you are looking for quickly and effectively.

It has to be remembered that search engines do not have a mind of their own. They will act exactly as you would want them to. The question that you ask should not lead to overwhelmingly large search results that will be irrelevant to you. Neither should the question be such that you get inadequate results. The trick then is to explain clearly what you are looking for to get the best answers that match your needs.

Here are some tips to get the best from search engines.

Keywords – Since search engines do not read whole sentences fully, you have to type in the exact word or words that will give the best results. These words are called keywords and by typing them in, you are asking the engines to find content for you that have those words exactly. Or you can even string together a number of words into a phrase to broaden your search results and be very specific. In that case the searches will show up in the exact order of the words. For example if you search “benefits of olive oil” you will be guided to sites that have content with these words in that order.

Specific searches – You can narrow down your searches too by using signs. Suppose you are looking for chocolate recipes. You type it in and will get a huge number of results. However, with a minus sign you can eliminate certain recipes. For example type in chocolate recipe-cookie if you do not want chocolate cookie recipes. Many search engines also have advanced tools that let you conduct demographic searches as per country and population mix.

Site searches – If you know the site that will give you the best results, you can type it in with your keywords. For instance, chocolate recipes site: should give you exactly what you are looking for.

Follow these tips to optimise searching the Internet.