Engagement Rings

The world has today moved on to online shopping and it is but natural that even such items as diamonds too will not be left out of this scenario. However, the question that frequently crops up is whether it is safe to buy diamonds online. This is primarily because of their price and size that makes them more susceptible to scams and forgeries. However, if you follow a few basic principles and take a few precautions, buying diamonds online is as safe as buying perishable vegetables on Amazon.

But first, why would you want to buy diamonds or order for engagement rings online in the first place when the perceived notion – wrong or otherwise – is that it might not be safe? There are a few powerful reasons which actually override all fears.

Start with the collection; the choice before you is almost limitless online while at a brick and mortar store you are limited to its stocks only. Hence, online you get a stone that will exactly meet your requirements in relation to the 4Cs as well as your budget. This becomes more crucial when you want to buy a coloured diamond. These are quite rare and not all stores stock them; those that do mainly have the Yellows.  So if you want to buy pink diamond rings, opt to shop online from the Australian Diamond Company where. Finally, on the price front, for the same 4Cs, cost of diamonds online is almost 50% cheaper than that at a brick and mortar store.

Here are a few safety tips to buy diamonds online.

  • Know the basics – Search the Internet and catch up on the guide to buying diamonds. Even though it revolves around the 4Cs, there are hundreds of sub-niches to it. Any minor changes like carats or clarity will mean substantial change in its price. Further, it is also important to understand the terminology that sellers whether offline or online talk about so that you will know what to look out for when placing an order.
  • Get a good view of the diamond – Surprised? How can I get a better view of the diamond when I am buying online? At a store, you will see diamonds mounted on jewellery so it is almost impossible to get a close up view of the stone. When buying online, you can see photographs of diamonds magnified hundreds of times, enabling you to detect any minor flaw. Further, check for full HD 360 degrees videos of diamonds that many online diamond stores offer today.
  • Buy certified diamonds only – This is very important and in fact should be treated as the 5th C along with Cut, Clarity, Carat, Colour and now Certificate. It is issued by the Gemological Institute, contains all the qualities of each stone and will be given to you in original. A certificate assumes greater significance for coloured diamonds where even a slight change in colour can make a huge difference in price.
  • Buy from registered dealers and reputed online stores – The chances are higher that you will get genuine and quality diamonds if you buy from registered dealers and manufacturers and online stores. You will hardly expect ADC to pass off a fake stone. Check out their complete range and choose what you like. You will hardly expect Tiffany to pass off a fake stone. The diamond trade is very strictly and tightly regulated and a simple search over the Internet can tell you if the trader is genuine and certified. This simple step also ensures that you are not buying conflict diamonds.

Some other precautions that you can take for safe buying of diamonds online are to opt for a fully secured site and a dealer who has a good returns policy.