The modern digital age is all about computers, the Internet and surfing the World Wide Web. There are hundreds of websites on this topic most following the usual technical stuff on these subjects. However, sites that truly provide an insight into the working of the Internet and how to conduct searches that are effective and meets the searchers requirements are not easy to find. This is the gap that we at seek to fill.

Ours is a blog site that has only one focus and that is to simplify computers and searching the Internet for the benefit of the common man. We do not want to include high flowing technical matter that will help only one section of the population – the researchers and the academicians. Instead, we aim to breakdown the use of Internet and its many dimensions to an e4xtent that will be of great help to the common man.

This has become very important today. The exponential use of smart phones has people accessing the Internet for a variety of requirements, from education to online shopping. It is therefore necessary that they are aware of how to browse the Internet effectively.

To be a truly proficient blog site, we invite contributions from bloggers who are well conversant on the subject of computers and the Internet. The write-ups can be on any topic pertaining to this niche.

However, to help potential writers start off, we give a few suggestions. Bloggers can focus on the many aspects of Internet sear5ches and the methods to be adopted to find what exactly one is looking for. A word on Internet technology, how it functions and its origins would certainly be of great interest to the reader. Blogs on website development and the techniques adopted by digital marketing agencies to increase online presence and visibility would explain to readers why some sites are more frequently found in search results than others.

These are some examples only and bloggers are free to choose any topic in this niche. Our only stipulation is that write-ups be unique and original. We will inform our contributors through email when their blogs are published on our site.